” If you want something done, then do-it-yourself.”

As a child, I hoarded buttons and sequins. As a teen, I patterned my own clothing, designed covers for my Napster compilation CDs, and learned HTML to build my own websites. I’ve been DIYing longer than I can even remember, with an ever optimistic outlook of “Oh, how cute! I can totally do that myself!” backed up by a stubborn “Uggggh!! Starting over AGAIN, but THIS TIME I’m going to figure out how to make it work!”

In 2014, becoming a homeowner intensified my DIY ambitions and gave me a huge canvas to work with. Moving into a house built in the 60s and updated in the 80s leaves a lot to be desired when you think you deserve a House Beautiful Magazine-type home! So, I did what any serious DIY’er does these days: I hit Pinterest. HARD. Not only did I save a bunch of great ideas and #inspo…I actually tackled a lot of them! And when I shared the results with my family and friends, many of them were so curious what products and methods I used, and mostly “how did you learn to do that?!”

Learn? I’m not sure that I ever “learn” to do anything before I start! If there’s one thing to know about me, it’s that I see life as an art, not a science. Every situation is just one big craft project, built by duct tape and finished with glitter glue. So “How did you learn to do that?!” always seems a really strange question to me.   I didn’t learn…I just DID!!  I have “learn-ED” along the way…I have “learn-INGS” I can share with you for next time…but my formula isn’t really as linear as LEARN + EXECUTE = RESULT. … It’s more INSPIRATION + EXPERIMENTATION = ONE-OF-A-KIND MASTERPIECE.

Having a daughter in 2018 set my heart on fire and my creativity ablaze too. I don’t know if it was the weird pregnancy dreams, or the newfound drive to show her that girls really do run the world, but since early this year, the glitter running through my veins has made me antsy to share my inspirations and experimentations with the world.

I hope A Girl and Some Glitter inspires you, challenges you, and makes you believe in the glittery magic of artsy-craftsy-DIY .

* Lindsey | that glitter girl