2 minute, 2 product Robeez Rehab #Momhack!

We do a lot of thrift and consignment shopping, and my #cheapmom alarm bells went off like crazy when I saw someone selling a pair of adorable Robeez leather unicorn crib shoes for just $0.50!!! …but they were in kind of dingy, shabby shape 🙁 Not to worry though – see how fresh they look after a 2 minute rehab? And only using two cleaning products I already had under my sink!

First, these Robeez have some detail made of ribbon that was a little ratty in places. Use scissors to carefully trim off any hanging threads or fraying.

Next, dampen a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and squeeze out the excess water – you don’t want to add too much wetness to the leather. Wipe all over, giving special attention to the really dirty areas. You can see after this step there was a big improvement already!

Lastly, moisturize the leather to breathe some life back into it. I used leather conditioner that I primarily use for my leather couch. Remember, leather once was living animal hide, so simple non-chemical moisturizers will work too! – coconut oil is a great choice. Put a pea size amount of product on a napkin or paper towel, dab your finger in it, and rub into the leather in a small, circular motion. These are tiny shoes and a little goes a long way, so you won’t need to use very much.

Et voila! Look how clean they came! The moisturizing step really perked them up and gave them shape again. I’m so happy with this little #Thriftmas gift, and I can’t wait to see these on my Little’s feet after she unwraps them!

Have you found a thrifty gem this holiday season that just needs a little TLC first? Let me know in the comments or tag me in your before and after on Instagram @thatglittergirlyyc!

– that glitter girl